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Microsoft supports migrating between Office 365 plans

This is something I have been looking forward to, for a very long time. All in all I have always felt that Microsoft really pushes the limit on their various Office 365 – plans.  It is a mystery to me how it is possible to create so many plans and not supporting migration between the plans. But that is all in the past now. By the end of December Microsoft began a new chapter in the Office 365 history. It is now possible to migrate from a Small Business Premium to a Midsize Business or one of the EnterPrise plans. That means you can finally start your company and when it grows, Office 365 can follow.

New products on Open License

As of December 1st. 2013 it is now possible to buy Enterprise plan 4, Lync and SharePoint (Standalone), Visio and Project. So this means that basically all of the Office 365 products are available on the Open agreement.


Get a discount on CRM online

Existing Microsoft Office 365 costumers on the Midsize plan are now eligible for a 30% discount on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online if you purchase it before March 31, 2014. This offer does requires purchase of  Microsoft CRM Online Professional User licenses and a minimum of 5 seats.

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