Windows Live Messenger Transitions to Skype


Microsoft is killing off Messenger. Even better. Microsoft is moving all Messenger Users to Skype. Starting up yesterday, the Messenger users will see themselves being migrated to Skype, whenever they sign-in. Most likely this will take a month or two to complete the big move across the customer base of Messenger.

Lync users who use the federation between Lync and Messenger, will still be able to communicate with their Messenger contacts. As an administrator you don’t even have to do anything to maintain the service or uphold the continuity of service. Apparently it’s “Plug and Play”. Lets just hope it’s not “Plug and Pray”.

Furthermore Microsoft announces that the full Lync-Skype Connectivity, with all capabilities active, will be available to all Lync customers by June.

That includes:

  • Adding contacts
  • Sharing presence
  • IM (duh)
  • Audio calling

I can’t find anything about video calls between Skype and Lync users. If you know anything, please post it in the comments below.

New Android client for Lync 2013

A new Lync client for Android has just been released to Google Play.

The new app should add this functionality:

  • Voice and video over IP
  • 1-click to join meetings

I don’t have an Android phone, if you do, feel free to post a link to a review in the comments or just write the review in the comments.

Read the full update at the Office 365 Service Update Wiki

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