I tried. I really tried to make good use of SharePoint as my new blogging platform. after 2 months, it still doesn’t feel right. The lack of full screen editing and the feel of a concentrated blogging-platform just got to me. That  and my wish for a more green profile on my hosting ad thus, not using my own server but a cloud service won.

Why not Office365?

Office 365 is Microsofts Cloud product for Exchange, SharePoint and Lync. If you know how to use SharePoint, you can get 25 Gb. of E-mail, 10 Gb. og SharePoint and some Lync for $ 6,- a month. Thats pretty cheap. I dare anyone to find more product and space for the same amount of money.

Why WordPress.com

I’ve tried to host numerous Wordpress sites over the last 5-6 years. Somehow I always ended up, adjusting the theme, code, install, security etc. and never really blogging all that much. same thing happened with my SharePoint install. I changed the layout, code, backup, lists etc. and blogged just as much as before. My solution is to use WordPress instead. That way I can’t fall into a procrastinating stigma again, because there is simply not that much to fiddle with.

Bottom line… I like my WordPress, Full Screen editing and wonderful plugins like akismet and pretty analytics and I like it, when my options for editing code, themes etc. are limited. When it comes to straight out blogging, it’s hard to doit better that WordPress. The only thing I don’t like about WP, is the crappy way of managing your attachments and images. When it comes to managing your attachments, pictures etc. you just can’t beat SharePoint.

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