Google Apps is no longer freeSo a few days ago i received an email from the google apps team, telling me that the Google Apps service no longer is free for new customers. But since I’ve been with the google apps for a few years now, my service is not affected. New customers can sign up for just $5 per user per month.

I can’t help to wonder when my service will be affected. And that leads me to the big question of “will i start to pay for Google Apps”. I host my family-domain on Google Apps, because of the free service. If Google can change theirs minds on new customers, whats to stop them from changing their minds on existing customers? Hopefully a few more years of free service, before Google will slam the gates on their current customers.

What do you think? Will Google start to bill exiting customers using the free version of Google Apps in the near future? And would you pay for Google Apps?

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