I am sitting here in Cinemaxx. For a brief moment, I managed to get some of the room to myself. Otherwise it’s pretty packed with around 600 IT-people. All which are interested in Office 365, Lync, Project, SharePoint, Sales etc. And so far it’s going great. The sessions are very professional conducted. The Microsoft team have done a magnificent job so far.

I have been pursuing different subjects trying to get into the tracks that concentrates on Office 365, SharePoint and developing. All while trying to be this super-networker that talks to potential clients and business partners. Being independent I need to focus on not just one single track or one single task.

There is an abundance of information, takeaways, PPT’s, example-code all around. If I where to put a finger on anything at all at this summit, it had to be the lack of power-outlets. It’s a IT-summit. People are heavy users of devices that consume power. The lack of outlets comes from the fact that it’s held in a Theater. But it may be just my lack of investigating powers, that led to my failure in locating some power.

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