Ontolica Fusion bootcamp

Today was the second of three bootcampdays at SurfRay campus i Herlev, Denmark. Along with Steen and Anders I have been testing SurfRays new product “Ontolica Fusion“.

Ontolica Fusion

Today we dived right into migrating and synchronizing data to and from databases. I’m still in the beginning of learning the ins and outs of this product, but already I’m finding new ways to put it into good use. One of the key selling points for this product is that it’s a pesky $199,- per installation. That means, no more extra-licenses for extra Gb’s of data or extra-connections. SurfRay doesn’t really care how much data you move or how often you move it. You can just buy the product and go nuts.

There is a ton of different uses with this product but the three general applications of use are:

  1. File transport
  2. Data transport
  3. Collection (A combo of the first two)

All the transports can be made to and from:

  • SharePoint (Office 365, 2010 and 2013)
  • Databases
  • Windows fileshares

I have a lot more information to share on how to use this product. That will follow in the following weeks When I get more in-depth with Fusion. If you want more information about the product, take a look at their product page. Otherwise you can subscribe to the blog to receive notice when I post guides and how-to’s.

Disclaimer: If you go ahead and buy this product SurfRays website, I don’t profit from that in any way. If you but the product and need help in using it, then you can hire me to help you out. Then I stand to profit a bit. Just contact me for more information.

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