I’ve been messing around with the new Design Manager in SharePoint 2013 lately in an effort to see if I could brand SharePoint the way Microsoft tells me, is the new black. So I created a design package and then deployed that package onto my test site. That went well. Then I would see if a production site could use the design package, just as Microsoft had announced. I just never really got to the production site.

All in all, it seems like a great concept of BYOS (Bring You Own Software). I could use Dreamweaver while on my Mac, to edit Masterpages, Page layouts, Styles and Scripts. That is pretty sweet. I did however choose to use a mix of Sublime and NotePad++ for my editing.

The I tried to create a design package and import that to my testing environment. Then, when I tried to create a new publishing page I got this funny error

Invalid field name. {50631c24-1371-4ecf-a5ae-ed41b03f4499}

Hmm That didn’t compute too well. So I tried to figure out what field was missing:

  1. I created this PowerShell script and saved it to “GetFieldGuids.ps1”
    $web = Get-SPWeb http://sp2013devforeach ($field in $web.Fields){write-output "Title: $($field.Title) | ID: $($field.Id)"}$web.Dispose()
  2. 2. The I opened PowerShell and ran
    .\GetFieldGuids.ps1 > c:\work\Fields.txt
  3. Did a quick search for the key “1371” and found this little bastard “Hide physical URLs from search”, among the results in the file.
  4. 4. Time to hit Google for a search for “SharePoint Hide physical URLS from search”. I found 2 blogposts:
    1. Nick Pattersons blogpost (http://blogs.catapultsystems.com/NPatterson/archive/2013/05/17/design-packages-amp-article-pages.aspx), which described exactly what was happening to my site.
    2. BondBytes blogpost (http://www.bondbyte.com/Blog/tabid/55/EntryId/24/SharePoint-2013-Design-Packages-broken.aspx)

The Fix



  • Go to the ContentType “Page”
  • Add following Columns from the existing SiteColumns.

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