I stumbled over this blog post the other day, The Secret to Crazy-Happy Blogging : @ProBlogger. I saw the video Lisa made and found it very inspiring. I never read Lisas blog before but seriously…. That is a supermom, if I ever saw one. The site looks amazing and the content is over the top. She is going on my reading list.

The woman even has a press kit. How cool is that?

Anyway. The thing that struck my about Lisa advise in the Crazy-Happy Blogging post was the fact that she encouraged bloggers to stay unique and stop overproducing their content. I really think that she has a good point. I’m one of those who is thinking about adding more video content to my blog, but I feel that I need a pro HD-camera at least, some professional editing equipment, along with a studio, and some high-end graphics. It all ends with a huge technical setup, just for fun. I’ve been there before. Just with blogging design. I wanted my blog to have all the technical features, that I could put in it. I used to spend somewhere between 70 – 80 percent of my blogging time, tinkering with the technical setup. I wanted every last pixel of my blog to be just perfect.

Change of plans

Then I stopped. Tore it all down. Deleted the blogs and took a 6 months break. When I came back and started this blog, I decided to force myself to keep my focus on the content and keep the technical stuff to a minimum. A lot of the advise, that Lisa gives in that single blog post, is a part of my new approach to running my blog. It’s doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be pixel perfect. For now, it doesn’t even have to make any money. It just needs to be me. It needs to be my content, the way I make it. If you are struggling to publish polished content and find yourself using way too much time coding and tinkering with plugins, just drop it. Focus on your content. Use a standard template until you have a fair amount of posts. Say around 50-100 posts maybe. All depending on what type of content you deliver. When you have a decent user-base and content-base, then you can use some time in improving your site. And most important of all. Focus on being you. Just you. Don’t write like everyone else is. Find your own style and go with it. some will like it, and some will not. Live with that. It’s impossible to make everybody happy.

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