This blog has been around the block a few times. I started this blog on a hosted WordPress install at servage.net. Then, when I decided to close my account with those guys, I thought “why not a local SharePoint Foundation, hosted in my garage”? It sounded like a good idea. That only held up for a few months. Too much adjusting, tweaking and not enough writing and just to much procrastination. Conclusion: I just don’t have that amount of spare time to tinker with design details and features and while SharePoint is a great platform, it’s not for serious blogging.

The Cloud

A friend of mine said to me one day, “You keep talking and talking about the cloud all day long, why don’t use it for you blog”? I agreed and took the plunge into WordPress.com. I knew that blogging had to be done with WordPress as my weapon of choice. I’ve used WordPress for several blogging projects during the years. I even remember how WordPress looked before “Kubrick”. WordPress felt like an easy choice. 10 minuttes later I was at it again. looking at Themes and prices over at WordPress.com. I did also try to hack to living hell out of that service. I just don’t want to pay for some simple CSS.

A few months later I was too tired of the limitations on WordPress.com. I mean, you have to pay for just about anything and the limitations are just too annoying for me. I like to tinker a little with the theme and I like to add a few plugins now and then. That turned out to be too hard to manage, so bye-bye WordPress.com. Luckily the WordPress.com guys have the exporting tools installed, so leaving the WordPress.com cloud, was pretty easy. For bloggers that have no tech-knowledge and just need a place to write, I still think that WordPress.com is perfect. It’s very easy to set up and you don’t have to have any technical skills at all. Just blogging skills.


So then I tested out two other systems. One was DokuWiki, which almost won. I’ve used it before as a personal wiki-engine. It’s just works, but lacks the design-coolness and theme-ecosystem, that WordPress bloggers enjoy. The other system I tested was Yaki (Hosted at GitHub and not Googlecode as the post states). In fact I’m still thinking about using Yaki. Rui uses it over at “The Tao” and if I could figure out how Ruis publishing workflow is I would just copy that. But for now, it just seems like theres a whole lot of folder creation going on. For now I will wait for Rui to package it or document it a bit more, so it’s a little easier to work with.

Full Circle

As of now, the blog stays on a hosted WordPress site. No cloud and no SharePoint for this blog. Neither match my requirements for adjusting themes and functions.

I’m still not done with Yaki, but I need an easy way to work with the need for creating an massive amount of folders. If you know something about this, please leave me a comment.

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