It’s time for the yearly looking back at the past year and looking ahead at the next one. I know. I’m a little behind. But better late than never. so here is my recap of 2012 and a plan for 2013.

Ulrich Gerting Bojko

I’ve been off the grid for a few weeks now. The site has been hurting a bit and I’m behind in responding to my e-mails. the reason is that my little baby-boy, Vincent got born. I’m now the proud father of three kids and therefore I have been forced to drop the blogging and social media for a little while, so I could concentrate on my family.

It’s funny how quickly you forget that having a baby in the house is quite demanding and you find yourself loosing way too much sleep all over again. You need to find that rhythm again. Rhythm is now found and I’m fit for fight again. Well… Fit is a little too steep, but you’ll get the picture. 🙂

Recap of 2012

Feeling luckyThe year of 2012 has to be the worst year for me in over 20 years. I cannot remember having worked so hard, earned so little and being so stressed out as I’ve been the last 12 months. The reason for this nightmare of a year, has been my wife’s illness during her pregnancy with Vincent. For around 8 months she was not able to do pretty much anything other that stay in bed and lay on the sofa. I’m not gonna go into details of the things she suffered from, but they all-in-all left her, pretty much incapable of doing anything around the house. That left me with an old house and two kids to take care of, while coping with a pretty demanding job on the side.

I don’t regret the decision to have another child. I would never do that. I just wish that my wife didn’t have to go through so much agony while carrying the baby.

So bye bye 2012! I wish I could just forget you.

The plan for 2013

Today I sit here, revigorated and typing away at my trusted machine. My baby-boy, Vincent, is born and I’m feeling more and more energetic each day. The past year is behind me and I look to the next year as one, where I make some impact in the blogosphere.

The plan for this blog has always been, that it’s to be my Notebook as much as it’s to be my way of connecting to the community around the things that I work with. I find that the blogging platform is the easiest way for me to jot down some notes and thoughts, and the just publish those notes. In reality, I find myself with a bunch of drafts that never gets published, due to their incomplete nature. Hopefully I can change that in the future, with me having a bigger focus on finishing my drafts and getting more notes published. My plan for 2013 is quite simple:

  1. Work my ass off and make some money
  2. Write a lot more on this blog and the Ravn IT blog
  3. Work more serious on my book-project

Sounds simple enough. Not sure it’s going to be that though. If you have any good advise for me or any general comments, please don’t be shy. Leave a comment below.

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