Say you are a Web developer, Graphical Designer or for some reason, needs to put some stuff on the web from time to time. You don’t have a clue on how to do port forwarding, dynamic IP’s or stuff like that. Your working on your computer and maybe you have an internal web server for testing or building your project or you have a directory with your work on, and you need to share it with a client.

Check out They have the perfect solution for you. It’s a reverse proxy service that just rocks. You download a python script and set it up to listen on a directory you specify and then you fill in whether it’s just files or you have a index.html-file or similar file placed at that directory. It works whether your on a Windows, Mac or Linux machine. Hell even on an Android machine you can get this to work.

5 reasons to consider using Pagekite?

  1. If you are a Graphical Designer – share your work with clients, by sending them a link to a unique URL instead of sending tons of e-mail with every little correction they like.
  2. If you are a web developer – demo your project to clients via a temporary URL
  3. If you are just about anyone who needs to share stuff on your computer with others, without sending the content via e-mail
  4. You could run your own website this way. I would advise against that though – but you could
  5. Just for the fun of it

DISCLAIMER: I’m not in any way affiliated with Pagekite. So no bucks in my pocket for sending you their way. I just think they’re awesome.

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