Today I’ve started a new section of my site. I call it “My Notes“. I keep a OneNote notebook handy at all times, to gather notes about SharePoint, JavaScript, PowerShell etc.. For a while I have been thinking about sharing these notes. These notes are unedited and more or less just a copy/paste from around the web and my own hacking. If it’s a copy from other sites, I will give credit to those who wrote the stuff first. I have disabled comments on my notes, as it’s not really for commenting. I will most likely use some of my notes, to create content for the blog. But the way this blog is going, that just takes me to long to get done. Also, I am testing out a new layout. I’m not really sure, it will fit, but it’s a god start.

Bye bye 2013

This, being the last day of the year I will write a short re-cap of the year.

2013 started out with the birth of my third child, Vincent. Vinnie is a smart boy, almost walking and just causing havoc around the house on a daily basis. So the first 2 months was spent more or less, with concentrating on family. Having three children does require some hardcore militaristic-style planning. Somehow my wife, makes it all work.

Then around april-may I started to get really busy. We start to advertise for more SharePoint people at Ravn IT, where I work. But to everyone’s surprise, it seems impossible to get any applicants that matches what we are looking for. We even tried a few recruiting agencies, but no luck there either. So more or less I just dug in and got to work. Both family and blog are feeling the strain from this overload of work. For 2013 I just wish for some more SharePoint colleagues.

During the summer I managed to repaint the house and do some minor fixes to the building. But mostly I just worked 10-12 hours a day. Then came the fall. Still nothing in sight from the recruiting agencies and I began to feel the long hours taking their toll. So my wife and I decided to go on a weekend to Berlin, to get some peace and quiet. A quick 6-hour drive later and we arrive at our Hotel. It’s a short trip and it helps a little on the stress-levels. But lets face it. Not really that much. The 2 weeks off during the Christmas holidays has helped a little more. I am not to complain though. Being overworked and stressed out is better than not having a job at all after all. Most times it is a question of organizing my time better.

2014 – what is in it for me?

I have a big desire to lift my blog to new heights in 2014. I have big dreams of actually turning this blog into some sort of profit. It’s not all that easy as just flipping a switch but hopefully I will get there within the next 12 months if all goes well. One way or the other, more action has to take place at the blog.

Professionally I am going to the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas for the first time in March. Actually I am going to America for the first time. I will naturally post updates from the conference on the blog as fast as I can.

I think that 2014 will see an even bigger increase in the demand for SharePoint knowledge than 2013. Companies, large and small are realizing that they can get their hands on the SharePoint technology for a very low-cost on Office 365.

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