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Hi there. This is my very first post on bojko.eu. This is a blog about a great many things. First and foremost its about SharePoint, Cloud technology and Blogging. My three gretest interests. Offcourse I will post a personal note here and there. The blog is as much my notepad, as it is for you to read. If you find anything out of order, feel free to contact me at ulrich@bojko.eu.

This is my first blog in english, which is not my native language by the way, so bear with me.

The launch of this blog is not accidental. to start a year with a new blog, transferring all the posts from the old ones and then go back to using the family name ones again. I’ve used the danish domain (bojko.dk) a few years ago. 2012 is the dawn of a new blogging age for me. This is the year for me to break out and start blogging for the international community. I’ve been warming up to this for quite some time now. Problem is, when your native tongue is not english, it’s allways a bit harder to write fluently. But I will give it my best shot and I hope I won’t disappoint you.


Why SharePoint

More often than not, bloggers use WordPress for their blogs. SharePoint bloggers use WordPress as their bloggingplatform.More likely because it’s open source, hosting is cheap and there is a bulkload of plugins to help you on the way. I too, have used WordPress as my blogging platform of choice. Problem is, I allways end up using way too much time on ajusting the technical platform to what I want, never getting it just right or flicking through theme after theme. Don’t get me wrong, WordPress is the king of blogging. But don’t need the King. I need a setup thats easy for me to work with, add pages, documents lists and so on. And when I blog about SharePoint, I might as well use SharePoint as the platform and take my own medicine.


Why not SharePoint

So this post has moved from my own selfhostet SharePoint Foundation blogging site to WordPress.com. I will be moving the rest of my posts to WordPress.com. I have a lot of reasons. Most pressingly is, that I wish to go all in the cloud. SharePoint is always my platform of choice. Just not for blogging. SharePoint is great for internal blogging in a corporate environment, but WordPress is in my honest opinion still unmatched for public blogging.

Ulrich Gerting BojkoAbout me

Name: Ulrich Gerting Bojko

Age: 34

Status: One wife, two kids.

Occupation: SharePoint and Cloud Specialist at Ravn IT.

Nationality: Danish

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